Best Pinking Shears Guide

A good pair of pinking shears are a valued item for most sewing enthusiasts. Whether reducing fraying is what you’re after or creating a wonderful zig zag finishing pattern they provide an essential function. A well designed and well built pair of shears can last many years, but as I have found they are not all created equally.

I’ve assembled an interactive guide below listing many of the available options below to help you decide which pair is right for you.

Personal preference plays a part in deciding your decision, but purchasing the best shears is also largely dependent on the material that needs to be cut.

Best Pinking Shears Guide Key:

  • Pinking Shears Pictures
  • Shears name & model
  • Shears Length
  • Blade Material – The metal used in the blade
  • Price
  • Rating – Ratings are derived from Amazon
Pinking Shears
Overall Length (Inches)
Blade Material
Fiskars Pinking Shears85.3 ouncesStainless Steel$4.4
Havel's Sew Creative Pinking Shears95.8 ouncesStainless Steel$$5
Red Dot 8 1/2" Pinking ShearsRed Dot Pinking Shears8.54.0 ouncesStainless Steel$$4.3
Mundial 7 1/2" Pinking ShearsMundial Classic Forged Pinking Shears7.57.4 ouncesCarbon Steel$$3.7
Mundial Industrial Forged Pinking Shears8.5Nickel Plated$$$New
Gingher Pinking Shears7.512.6 ouncesNickel Plated$$4.2
Fiskars Softtouch Spring Action Pinking Shears108 ouncesStainless Steel$$3.8
Wiss CB8 Pinking ShearsWiss CB8 Pinking Shears8 1/46 ouncesCarbon Steel$$$4.5

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